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Take action toward better health and earn up to $300! Complete various VC-WELL Activities and be eligible to receive one of 1000 cash awards!

Slide and be able to receive a paycheck on November 6, 2020 You must be a Regular-class employee participating in the County of Ventura's Flexible Benefits Program and be able to receive a paycheck on November 6, 2020

Slide 1. Pick different VC-WELL activities to participate in. Wellness biometric screening - 50 points Wellness profile questionnaire - 50 points Online Health Education - 5 points/class Wellness profile questionnaire - 50 points Physical Activity Events - 5 points/event WELLtrek Wellness Challenege - 20 points / challenge WELLtrek Activity Challenges - 20 points / event WELLtrek Million Step March - 80 points WELLtrek 2 Million Step March - 40 points This menu of activities is not a final comprehensive list; activities may be added throughout the year (January - August 2020) and communicated via all-county email and/or VCWELL website. to view full details & current list of eligible activities CLICK HERE The Wellness biometric screening and profile questionnaire are no longer mandatory activities. streetview

Slide Earn VC-WELL Registration page For everything else, register here. 2. Register for activities between January - August, 2020 Point status for all employees are updated every 4-6 weeks you points on the VC - WELLtrek Registration VC - WELL Registration Page , you must have an account. Employees with an active WELLtrek account are automatically registered for every challenge. WELLtrek challenges For
3. Monitor subdirectory_arrow_right subdirectory_arrow_right monetization_on people_outline people_outline monetization_on people_outline people_outline people_outline people_outline The next 550 employees to reach 100+ points will earn $100 The first 100 employees to reach 300+ points will earn $300 The next 200 employees to reach 200+ points will earn $200 streetview Due to IRS regulations, all cash awards are taxable Please consult with your tax advisor on any potential impact a cash award may have on your paycheck

Slide and be able to receive a paycheck on November 6, 2020 Points are no longer being awarded for group activity classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Zumba, etc. However, you are encouraged to convert the activity into steps using the activity converter on WELLtrek during challenges

Slide and be able to receive a paycheck on November 6, 2020 Get Started Today!

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The Ventura County Wellness Program (VC-WELL!) provides and encourages workplace policies, programs and practices that promote the overall health and well-being of all County employees. A healthy workforce contributes to happy and productive employees that are better able to serve the community. All Regular County employees and their spouses are eligible to participate in the Wellness Profile screening, physical activity classes, cooking demos, health information topics, stress management, etc.) and a variety of resources to help employees get fit, eat well and live well.

The Wellness Program has received recognition for improving employee health and has been repeatedly recognized as one of “California’s Healthiest Employers”. Since initiated in 1985, the Wellness Program has continued to receive recognition for the success of its cost-effective strategies. Honors received by the County’s Wellness Program include the: California Fit Business “Gold” Award, C. Everett Koop National Health Award, Health Action Leadership Award, National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award, Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Commendation, National Association for Worksite Health Promotion Business and Industry Award and the Exemplary Public Worksite Health Promotion Program Award by the National Association of Public Worksite Health Promotion, in association with the Council of State Governments.
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