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WELLthy Reward$ Wellness Profile Classes & Activities Healthy Resources About VC-Well VC-WELL Register New to Wellness Core Programs

Classes & Activities

Slide Walker Tracker (WELLtrek)
Challenge Schedule
• Million Step March: 1/11/21 – 8/31/21
• Two Million Step March: 1/11/21 – 8/31/21
• Resolution Weight Challenge: 1/18/21 – 2/28/21
• Breakthrough Challenge: 3/29/21 - 4/18/21
• Mindful Movement Challenge: 5/3/21 – 5/30/21
• Golden Sneaker Competition: 6/14/21 – 7/25/21
• Team Competition: 8/2/21 – 8/29/21

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Slide On-Demand Yoga Three Sessions Available
35 Minute Session

39 Minute chair session

53 Minute Session
On-Demand Zumba Two Sessions Available
45 Minute Session

30 Minute Session

Slide Live Online Meditation Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays @ Noon
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Quick 5-Minute Meditation
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Slide Online Education Classes Stay informed on the latest evidence-based research regarding various health topics. These brief self-assigned courses are posted on the County's Target Solutions training platform.
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Slide Special VC-WELL Events Join us for weekend fun! Watch for emails and announcements for future dates.. View event photos (Must be on the County network)

Slide Click here for details Meatless Mondays (MM) is an opportunity to incorporate more plant-based food options into our diet. Many cities, companies, countries, restaurants and organizations are joining the Meatless Monday movement.

Research has shown eating a plant-based diet has been linked to various health benefits.

Benefits include:
• reduced risk of heart disease
• reduced risk of various types of cancer
• lower blood pressure and rates of hypertension
• reduced level of LDL cholesterol
• lower body mass index (BMI)
• reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
Read more below Ever wonder what impact being so “tuned in” to our phones and electronics can have on our overall health? More research is showing that being too connected to our electronics may have a negative impact on various aspects of our well-being.

Adverse effects include: less social connectedness, impaired sleep, obesity, eye damage, and high blood sugar. High exposure to blue light from computer screens, cellular phones, and watching TV at night has been linked to: poor sleep, higher blood sugar and eye damage.

Some ways you can “tune out” include:
• take a walk outside during your break without looking at your phone
• enjoy a meal with your family without electronic devices at the table
• to improve sleep quality and quantity, eliminate exposure to blue light 1-2 hours before going to sleep. (Read a book instead of watching TV or viewing your phone or tablet)

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Click here for details Wellness Wednesdays (WW) is an opportunity to practice simple daily health habits during your breaks that can positively impact your well-being:

Activity options:
• 15-minute walk
• go outside for fresh air & sunlight
• relax/meditate for 5-10 minutes
• stretch for 2-3 minutes

Click here for details Thankful Thursday (TT) is an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation. Life can get busy – TT is a great way to show appreciation for people you care for.

Scientific benefits of gratitude include:
• increased happiness; reduced anxiety & depression;
• improved immune function, blood pressure, and reduced symptoms of illness;
• more hours of better quality sleep; improved relationships, and much more!

VC-WELL’s thank you notes

Feel free to use VC-WELL’s thank you notes to express gratitude to your colleagues and loved ones.
Click here for details Exercise is medicine. Protect yourself from communicable diseases like COVID-19, and non-communicable diseases like heart disease, cancer & diabetes with regular, moderate exercise.

Research shows regular, moderate exercise can strengthen the body’s immune system.

The CDC recommends at least 150-minutes of moderate intensity physical activity during the week either accumulated over many shorter bouts (5-10 min), or fewer longer bouts (30-60 mins).

Even with gyms closed there are many simple ways you can stay active during the “Stay Well at Home Order”:

  • · Going for walks, hikes or riding your bike while maintaining 6 feet of distancing from others
  • · Performing exercises at home such as calisthenics, stretching, push-ups, crunches, and so on
  • · Doing physical activities with your kids

Slide The Ventura County Wellness Program (VC-WELL!) provides and encourages workplace policies, programs and practices that promote the overall health and well-being of all County employees. A healthy workforce contributes to happy and productive employees that are better able to serve the community. All Regular County employees and their spouses are eligible to participate in a variety of programs, classes & activities, in addition to having access to a variety of resources to help them thrive and be their healthiest.

The Wellness Program has received recognition for improving employee health and has been repeatedly recognized as one of “California’s Healthiest Employers”. Since initiated in 1985, the Wellness Program has continued to receive recognition for the success of its cost-effective strategies. Honors received by the County’s Wellness Program include the: California Fit Business “Gold” Award, C. Everett Koop National Health Award, Health Action Leadership Award, National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award, Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Commendation, National Association for Worksite Health Promotion Business and Industry Award and the Exemplary Public Worksite Health Promotion Program Award by the National Association of Public Worksite Health Promotion, in association with the Council of State Governments.
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